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Taught by Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant: 

Aibhne Jean Stranks, B.Sc.H., IBCLC, LCCE

(pronounced Aiv-nee)


Enjoy Welcoming Your Baby to the World!

Our dynamic Childbirth Education Classes are welcoming, engaging, fun, and provide a safe space for you to ask all of your questions!  


Our interactive series covers Lamaze International’s Healthy Birth Practices that research has shown greatly improve birth outcomes for both mothers and babies, in addition to evidence-based comfort techniques to help minimize discomfort during labour and birth.


We will teach the skills you need to confidently have your best birth possible!
Classes are 2 hours

held once per week:

Sundays 2-4 pm

Feel welcome to invite your support people who will be with you

at your birth.


We will cover:

·      Pregnancy well-being: nutrition, emotional & physical changes

·      Stress-reduction skills and building resilience

·      Creating a Birth Plan & understanding your choices

·      Communicating with your care provider and birth support team

·      Coping techniques to manage pain and to aid labour progress

·      Understanding pain & its purpose and role in childbirth

·      Movements, positioning & working with various labour sensations

·      Comfort Measures and labour support strategies for partners

·      Ways to Optimize Birthing Hormones

·      Emotional and physical changes in labour and childbirth

·      Informed decision-making and birthing preferences

·      How to create a relaxing and positive birth environment

·      Building your village of support

·      Strategies for building and maintaining confidence

·      Common medical interventions and Healthy Birth Practices

·      Newborn Baby Care, Sleep, Self-Care & Recovery***

·      Transitioning to parenthood:

                    Communication and parenting together 

Mother Baby Bonding
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