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Ontario Breastfeeding Clinic


Holistic Feeding & Lactation Consultant for New Family Support

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The Ontario Breastfeeding Clinic is an interdisciplinary

collective of healthcare professionals.

Our priority focus is to provide exceptional lactation support

wherever there is a gap in funded service, especially in rural or underserved populations with financial or geographical barriers to lactation care. 

We act as a catalyst for healthy living with in-person and virtual lactation support.  

We meet families where they are and support them

to define and reach their own feeding goals. 


Our comprehensive care creates awareness, provides education,

and prioritizes healthy infant feeding and family wellbeing.   

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you to resolve any feeding issues and enjoy welcoming your baby to the world!

Wishing you a joyful birth and plentiful milk!

Aevni Jean Stranks B.Sc.H., IBCLC, LCCE 

Ontario Breastfeeding Clinic Aurora


For Ohip-subsidized feeding support, please read the instructions carefully.

Step 1:​​

Complete your intake form

On the Intake Form drop-down menu:

*Select:  Aevni Stranks B.Sc.H., IBCLC

for in-person appointments at the Aurora Clinic

or Virtually (all of Ontario, Canada)

Appointments cannot be booked without a completed intake form.

You will need:

  • Your Ontario Health card 

  • Your Baby's health card number

  • 5-10 minutes to fill out the intake form

Step 2:​​

Have your DOCTOR, MIDWIFE or Nurse Practitioner fill out &
Submit the Referral Form

Your care provider can print, fill out and fax these forms, or fill them out and submit them online.


NO Referral? No OHIP? Not from Ontario? NO PROBLEM!

Home Visits

For Private-pay in-home

Lactation Consultations


Text (416) 809-7984 to reach

Sage Lactation Consultants

Private Practice

For Referring Healthcare Providers:

Convenient Online Referral Form

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FAQ for Aurora Ontario
Breastfeeding Clinic Appointments:

Question:  Where is your Aurora Clinic located?


Answer: We are nested in the Midwives of York Region Clinic in the beautiful Aurora Medical & Dental Professional Building

Aurora Clinic Address:

372 Hollandview Trail #303, Aurora, ON L4G 0A5

Conveniently located on the corner of

McMaster Ave. & Hollandview Trail

Main intersection: Bayview (34) & St. John's Side Road (26)

​Question:  Do I need an Ontario Health Card to book an appointment?

Answer:  To have an OHIP-subsidized Lactation Consultation, a valid health card is required. 


Note: Private Pay Lactation Appointments are available for those families who do not want to wait for a physician-supervised appointment, for those without a referral, as well as for those who do not have an Ontario Health Card or are not from Ontario,


Question:  How do eVisits work?

Answer:  It is helpful if your baby is ready to eat at our appointment.  Having a laptop, device stand, or a helper available during your appointment makes it easier for us to see your latch.


Before your appointment, we will send you an email with instructions and a link. If it isn’t in your inbox please check your Promotions and Junkmail boxes. 


Please use WiFi and not your phone data, unless you have better reception on data.  You may have to power down/disconnect from wifi all other devices and sit near your wifi router for the best signal.  


Please make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in, and not on battery saver mode. 


When it is time for your appointment please go back to the Email and CLICK the "Start eVisit" Button. Thank you for your patience, your Consult will begin as soon as possible. 

Question:  Can I have an OHIP-insured Follow-up visit? 

Answer:  Yes, we do offer OHIP-insured follow-up appointments as long as we have your valid referral on file.  Referral Forms are NOT required for each visit.


Parents are invited to book their own follow-up appointments until they are symptom-free and on their way to meeting their lactation and feeding goals.  New breast or nipple pain?  New feeding concern?  Please contact us to book a FOLLOWUP appointment.


NOTE: If you were initially seen for a Prenatal appointment, you and your baby will need a new referral to be seen for a Postnatal appointment. 


If you have new/ongoing lactation and/feeding concerns please text "FOLLOWUP" to our friendly admin team at

1-877-822-1105 to book your next appointment.  

Question:  How long will my appointment be?

Answer:  All of our appointments are 1 hour long.  

Follow-up lactation & feeding support to continue building on your progress is available without a new referral form.  Simply TEXT the word "FOLLOWUP" to 1-877-822-1105 and our helpful admin staff will get you booked in!

Question:  How can I prepare for an appointment?

Answer:  Prior to your appointment, you will be sent an email with a link to join the virtual appointment.


Please download the app beforehand so you are ready to go at the time of your appointment to ensure we can make the most of our time together during an appointment.

During an appointment, it's helpful to observe a feed to be able to better assist you. If you have a laptop or have a helper that can hold the camera during the feed, that can help me see your baby's latch better.

Question:  Should I try to time the feed with the appointment?

Answer:  It is helpful if your baby is ready to eat at the time of your appointment but please do not upset your baby by withholding a feeding for prolonged periods of time.


Question:  Who will I see at my appointment?

Answer: You will be warmly supported by Aevni our Holistic Lactation Consultant & Feeding Specialist for the duration of your appointment. 


For physician-supervised appointments, in the second half of the meeting, one of our doctors will join the visit virtually for about 3-5 minutes.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you have for the doctor, as well as get any relevant prescriptions and/or referrals needed.  

Question:  Do you offer Home Visits?

Answer:  Yes!  Private-Pay Home Visits are available with Sage Lactation Consultants in Caledon & York Region.

The Ontario Breastfeeding Centre (OBC) does not offer Physician-supervised Home Visits, although you can be seen in person at our Aurora Clinic location, or virtually from anywhere in Ontario. 


We're here to help!

A Valid Ontario Health Card & 
FOR OHIP-subsidized CARE at a reduced rate

From Midwife, Physician or Nurse Practitioner:
Please send copy of completed form by
 text only 1-877-822-1105

fax 1-833-615-1113 

Same & Next Day
Virtual Appointments May be Available 

We strive to support all pregnant, breastfeeding, pumping and bottle-feeding families in Ontario.  We want to help you meet your infant feeding goals!

After all initial appointments, a consult report will be faxed to your provider with our assessments, findings, and initial care plan recommendations.  Follow-up visits are available and are booked at the discretion of the client until the issue(s) are resolved. 

Text "FOLLOWUP" to Admin at 877-822-1105
to Book Your OHIP-Covered Follow Appointments

You do NOT need a new referral for Follow-up Appointments
booked within 1 year of the Initial Referral

We look forward to meeting you and supporting
your unique lactation & feeding journey!


Holistic Lactation & Feeding Consultant

Aurora New Family Support

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